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2021: Mission Statement

A simple Google search will tell you that Scrum is terrible, a waste of time, not as good as Kanban or XP or DevOps or <insert your Agile poison here>, Sprints are evil and we should all stop doing them immediately.

Except obviously I don't believe any of that.

Scrum for me was a game changer. It doesn't have all the answers... but it does present a radical new way of working that can help teams deliver more value.

(Whatever "value" means to them)

One of the great phrases in the new Scrum Guide is...

"Scrum is simple.

Try it as is and determine if its philosophy, theory, and structure help to achieve goals and create value."

I'd love it even more if it said "Scrum is simple but not easy" but I'll take it as is.

Scrum doesn't have to work for everyone. It's helped hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of teams already.

If your team is struggling with complex problems and responding to change then I want to help you understand how Scrum might be able to help your team deliver sooner and better.

That's it. That's my mission statement for the year!


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