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Is this Scrum???

Is this what Scrum is really about??? The roles, events and artefacts of the framework???

(Or accountabilities, events and artefacts as we say now)

I'd argue not. This is what Scrum Teams do but it's not what Scrum is about.

Scrum is based on taking an empirical approach.

But what does that mean??? In Scrum, that means doing some work and then being transparent about your actual progress and what problems you've run into. And then using that knowledge to inspect and adapt what you're going to do next and how you're going to do it.

But in order to do this effectively you need the right culture in place. Your team need to embrace the Scrum Values.

- Without FOCUS the team won't all be working together towards the right goals

- Without COURAGE no-one will speak up when the project is behind schedule or there are real problems

- Without RESPECT the team won't have the discussions that they need to find the best solution

- Without OPENNESS maybe *you* won't be willing to listen

- And without COMMITMENT the team won't overcome the obstacles that will come up and achieve their goals

For me this is what Scrum is all about.

Transparency, inspection and adaptation. And embracing the Scrum Values. Everything else is built on these things


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