Professional Scrum Master

A Two Day Professional Scrum Master training course

Course Overview


​This is a two day course for Scrum Masters, project managers, consultants and anyone else who wants to understand Scrum from first principles and coach their team toward increased effectiveness.


The training covers Scrum Theory and how it is applied in the real world to develop complex products, with practical exercises and discussions to reinforce that learning. You will understand what Professional Scrum is and the value-proposition of an Agile approach, which projects are a good fit for Scrum (and which are not!) and what it takes to make Scrum work in the real world. You will also have the opportunity to validate your learning with the industry recognised PSM I certification.

  • More than just a set of slides and an instructor!

  • Gain a clear understanding of the principles and empirical process theory underpinning Scrum

  • Learn how to startup Scrum or enhance the effectiveness of Scrum in existing teams

  • Up to two attempts at PSM I Assessment included.

More Information


Language: English

Course Formats: Live Virtual Classes

Live Virtual Classes

This training is now available from your office or the comfort of your own home, assuming you have internet. A collaborative classroom experience is provided with video conferencing, breakout rooms and white-boarding.

Can a "Live Virtual Class" really compare to "in person" training?

Once I started running my first Live Virtual Class I was convinced. The energy in the breakout room discussions is amazing. The overall feedback has been that the Live Virtual Class is great way to learn about Professional Scrum and some students even prefer it!

What do students say about my Live Virtual PSM Classes?


Who is this course aimed at?

Scrum Masters, project managers, consultants and anyone else interested in understanding Scrum from first principles and coaching a team toward increased efficiency and effectiveness


What are the prerequisites for attending the course?

There are no prerequisites. If you read the Scrum Guide beforehand you'll possibly get more from the experience but the course takes you step by step from first principles.


How many people will be in the training?

At least 4 and usually no more than around 12 people to ensure maximum engagement for everyone who attends.


What time does the training run from and until?

Physical Classroom based training courses run from 9 - 5 both days with breaks for coffee and lunch.

Live Virtual Classes run from 9 - 5:30 with 15 minute breaks every hour and a full hour for lunch.

What does the course cover?

  • A fundamental understanding of the Scrum Framework including the roles, events and artefacts

  • The Agile mindset and how "Agile" relates to the Scrum Framework

  • Scrum Theory, Scrum Principles and the importance of the Scrum Values

  • The role of the Scrum Master as a coach and servant-leader and the various stances the Scrum Master can take

  • Which projects are a good fit for Scrum and which are not

  • The precise responsibilities of the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team within Scrum

  • The desired outcomes from the Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective events

  • The importance of a well refined Product Backlog, a clearly defined Sprint Goal and monitoring Sprint progress using the Sprint Backlog

  • Detailed discussions of what we mean by empiricism, iterative and incremental development, time-boxing and value-based prioritisation

  • Servant-leadership, self-organisation and collaboration

  • Learning the importance of trust, transparency, inspection, adaptation and fast feedback cycles

  • How to talk to stakeholders and management about Agile and Scrum

  • Transforming a Product Vision into a Product Backlog and decomposing Product Backlog Items

  • Self-organising teams, leadership styles and common team dysfunctions 

  • Complimentary Scrum practices including burn-down charts, burn-up charts, user stories and planning poker 

  • The importance of working towards a "done" integrated, potentially releasable increment each and every Sprint

  • How to take all the learning from this two day course and start applying it in the real world, whether your team is new to Scrum or using Scrum already


How do I obtain the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master) Certification?

The course includes up to two free attempts at the PSM I on-line Assessment. You can take this in your own time. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser and the assessment password, which is supplied by after you have completed the course. It is an "open book" exam meaning you can have the Scrum Guide open and Google available but you need to answer 80 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes and the pass mark is 85%.

Students that attempt the assessment within 14 days but do not pass will be given a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

Course Objectives

  • Students are challenged to think within the Scrum framework and the underlying values and principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace and facing complex decisions

  • Have a clear understanding of the rules of Scrum through the empirical foundation of Scrum.

  • Students can act as a Scrum Master for Scrum Teams as well as stakeholders from an in-depth understanding of servant-leadership.

  • Effectively be able to start up Scrum or increase its effectiveness if already underway.

  • The course is designed to help prepare students to obtain the Professional Scrum Master certification and includes two free attempts at the on-line assessment, if the first attempt is taken within 14 days of the course

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