How do you scale Scrum?

Scrum for multiple teams

Scaling Scrum

There was a time when if you asked how should you scale Scrum then even experts would say "don't". Nowadays, there are multiple scaling frameworks including SAFe, Less, Nexus and Scrum@scale.

You don't need a framework to scale Scrum but why reinvent the wheel? Scaling frameworks address the need for teams to collaborate when creating a single product, communicate about tools and techniques than can benefit each other and minimise dependencies between work items and raise and resolve cross-team issues rapidly.

Of all the scaling frameworks the one that follows the original principles that Scrum was founded upon is Scrum@scale because just like Scrum it isn't prescriptive and it fundamentally aims to solve the problems that occur with teamwork across organisations, regardless of the product or service the organisation provides.

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