Free Agile Consultation

A One Hour session to discuss how Agile and Scrum can work for your organisation

Who is this aimed at?

  • Organisations new to Agile or those that have tried Agile and run into issues

  • This sessions aims to establish a basic understanding of what Agile, Scrum and Kanban might be able to offer your teams and what the potential pitfalls and challenges you should expect to encounter

  • These sessions are generally more useful if they involve as many of the leadership team, development team, management and stakeholders as possible

  • An introduction to what we mean by "Agile" and a brief overview of Kanban and the Scrum Framework

  • Agile Values and Agile Principles

  • Organisational culture as the basis of trust and transparency

  • Iterative and Incremental Delivery

  • Time-boxing to encourage production over perfection

  • Embracing "Failing Fast", feedback loops and using empirical process control to inspect and Adapt

  • The fundamentals of Scaling the Scrum Framework

  • A discussion about Scrum But...

  • Common objections to an Agile approach and a discussion of whether Agile could help your teams get more done and deliver more business value

SESSION Objectives

  • Attendees should gain a basic understanding of what Agile is and what it isn't

  • The session should clarify what pain points and issues the organisation is currently facing and whether a more "Agile" approach could alleviate​ these problems

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