What is Business Agility?

A set of values and principles

It's an ideal

Business Agility isn't a specific framework, process or methodology. It's the ability of an organisation to react to changing requirements from customers, strategic changes, regulatory changes and new disruptive competitors.

In today's fast paced world if you're not constantly evolving then you're going backwards.

Agile organisations are typically made of empowered teams that are highly networked. They value the individual and invest in the people working for them. They have a culture built on trust that encourages openness and honesty. They embrace new technology, new tools and new ideas. And they innovate by prototyping, rapidly developing new products and services and pivot strategy in response to changing requirements and markets.

Most of all, the agile organisation isn't fixed on one product or service. Think of Amazon which started life as a seller of books and grew into the largest cloud provided in the world as a great example of a company that has embraced organisational agility. Think of Kodak as an example of an organisation that dominated their market segment but simply wasn't agile enough to react to changing market forces.

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