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Scrum is a simple framework that helps you build a high quality product by prioritising business value and establishing fast feedback loops to facilitate responding to change. It's simple to learn but difficult to implement effectively because it involves constant change.


By establishing a culture of collaboration and empowering your teams, you can become more productive, more proactive and more innovative.

Duncan Maddox Professional Scrum Trainer

Duncan has 25 years experience delivering complex IT solutions, building teams, developing strategy, coaching, mentoring, training and working with clients at all levels.


As a Professional Scrum Trainer, Duncan wants his students to share his passion for Scrum and gain insight into how they can use the Scrum Framework in the real world to deliver more business value and get stuff done!

Recent Client Feedback

Last week I attended the Professional Scrum Master course taught by Duncan Maddox and I learnt so much more than I thought I would, huge thanks to Duncan.


I would highly recommend taking the course if you are new to Scrum or just wanting to learn how to do twice the work in half the time. The outcome is I now have my Professional Scrum Master certification and a load of new ideas!

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