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Want to train up your team or your organisation to really understand Professional Scrum and become more Agile?

Maximise the business value that your team deliver

Turn change to your competitive advantage

Make better decisions about what to do and how to do it

I'm Duncan Maddox and I'm a Professional Scrum Trainer

I help teams understand how Agile and Scrum can help them deliver more value, respond to change and get more stuff done in the real world.

I have 30 years experience building complex products and building teams, developing strategy, coaching, mentoring and training... and I want you to learn from my mistakes as well as what I've got right!

As a Professional Scrum Trainer, I want my students to have the lightbulb moments that I had all those years ago and understand how they can use Scrum to solve complex problems in an ever-changing world.

Professional Scrum Training... Delivered Professionally 

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Want to learn about Scrum...? 

I would highly recommend Duncan Maddox for anyone that wants to learn more about Scrum.


Duncan thoroughly demonstrated his unparalleled knowledge of Scrum and used intuitive techniques to embed knowledge through the two day PSM1 course.

Christian Kirk

Digital Transformation Manager

Royal Bank of Scotland




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